Monday, May 07, 2007

Saving The Planet One Lawn At A Time

This weekend's global warming news was about how so very cheap it will be to solve the global warming crisis. Just three percent of projected growth in Earth's total economic output until 2030. Oh, and a few taxes. (Here.) No biggie.

Today's news is about the cost of implementing California's very own law to save the planet. (Here.) Under the rule of its new law, California's carbon emissions have to be down to 1990 levels by 2020. How much will that cost California's economy? Who really knows? Who really cares?
"Regardless of how funding disputes are resolved in the Capitol, [California State] Sen. [Alan] Lowenthal said the public will have to accept the costs. The alternative – doing nothing – would result in 'catastrophe,' he warned.

'This is just the beginning,' Lowenthal said. 'There's going to have to be changes to every part of life. Ultimately, we will all pay.'" (Here.)
What are a few billion or trillion dollars more of less when the fate of the entire world is at stake?

So when it came time to buy a new lawnmower, I knew I had to do my part to help save the world. A gas mower was out of the question. Too polluting. A hand-pushed mower was the most green alternative. But who wants to spend all the livelong day mowing the lawn? Not me. Just because the world is hurtling towards environmental doomsday doesn't mean I have to give up my weekends. Does it?

So, here it is. My new $400 rechargeable electric lawnmower. Sure it's $250 more than I would have spent on a perfectly fine gas mower, but the world may last a bit longer because of my sacrifice. And not only is it greener than a gas mower, so I can cop a holier than thou attitude, it's also a really cool, cutting edge gadget that makes me the envy of my neighbors. It's a twofer! Yes, life is good.


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I've never seen such a model, and wish I had when I switched away from gas (vibrations cause pain in my CTS-damaged hands). I use a human-powered mower (and have a half-acre to mow!). How's the vibration? Is it "quiet"?
It's a Black and Decker rechargable cordless mower. I got it from Lowes in San Diego. It creates very little vibration. The large battery makes the mower a bit heavy but it's not too bad. It's pretty quiet compared to a gas mower. The mower height is fully adjustable by pressing a handle but the mower works best when you keep up with mowing and don't let the grass get too long. Since it uses a rechargable battery you might want to check out the specs at the company's website to see how big a yard it can handle on a single charge.
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