Sunday, May 06, 2007

Long Live France?

France's newly elected President Nicolas Sarkozy is making some encouraging noises about friendship with the United States:
"Some hope for a new era in US-France relations after the frostiness caused by Chirac's opposition to the Iraq war.

"Sarkozy said the United States can count on friendship from France but urged Washington to show leadership in the struggle against global warming and that it would be a priority for his government.

"Sarkozy said 'a great nation like the United States has the duty to not create obstacles in the struggle against global warming.'" (Here.)
That last snarky bit about global warming notwithstanding it's nice to have a French leader pledge friendship to the United States. But words are easy. Actions matter more.

France has been singularly unhelpful in foreign affairs for a long time now. I hope Sarkozy changes that. I'd like to end my personal anti-French boycott. Some have boycotted lighter drinks. (Here.) As for me, I haven't had my favorite red wine, Burgundy, in four years, and I've worked up a powerful thirst.




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