Sunday, May 06, 2007

What Kind Of Technology User Are You?

A recent survey by Pew Internet tested attitudes about digital technology, computers, cellphones, PDAs, the internet, and the like. The survey results divide people into categories from heavy to light users. Hightech heavy users are further subdivided into four categories.
"• 'Omnivores,' who fully embrace technology and express themselves creatively through blogs and personal Web pages.

• 'Connectors,' who see the Internet and cell phones as communications tools.

• 'Productivity enhancers,' who consider technology as largely ways to better keep up with their jobs and daily lives.

• 'Lackluster veterans,' those who use technology frequently but aren't thrilled by it." (Here.)
You can take the survey here.

I'm a Connector. (Here.) But I knew that already as I sit here at home on a beautiful Sunday in San Diego using one of my two laptops, watching TV, wearing a cellphone on my belt, with a landline phone sitting just 3 feet away.


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