Saturday, April 28, 2007


The new movie Year of the Dog is causing discomfort to some reviewers. (Here.) The movie is about a single woman and how she deals with the aftermath of her cherished dog's death. Not well, apparently. "The death of a cherished pet is not easy for anyone, but this woman goes ballistic, first taking in an unruly German shepherd (time for the 'Dog Whisperer' again), then adding another dozen or so pooches."

I predict the movie will bomb because its target audience will find the movie a too harsh look into the mirror. The movie's subject matter touches on a prevalent societal trend in America today. Namely, the turning of pets into children, especially by single women. There's even a neologism for the pet/child: "furkid." You can decide for yourself why one particular demographic leads this trend.

A revealing look can be seen in A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary. (Here.) Available from Netflix, this short film is painful to watch as the clueless filmmaker takes us along on her quest to find a man who will accept her and her dog. The most significant line flies right by her when a therapist asks, "When did you start thinking of your dog as a child?"


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