Saturday, April 28, 2007

Slow-Pitch Justice

Those of us who practice criminal law know the irony of the phrase, "justice delayed is justice denied." Criminal cases often move at a snail's pace. I have personal experience of that in my own life. Over a year ago I saw a Minute Man (remember, that's pronounced "my-newt-man"), who was protesting at the Mexican Consulate near my office, hit a Mexican-American woman in the face with his fist. He made all of us who are unashamed to wave the American flag feel proud. (That's intended to be ironic if your irony-detection meter is broken.) The criminal trial date has not yet been set.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Barry Bonds continues to hit homeruns in a Major League Baseball uniform. What does surprise is today's news that a steroid supplier has made a plea bargain and is cooperating with the government's investigation of steroids abuse in baseball. (Here.)

Bonds, with 741 homeruns, is only 15 shy of becoming the all-time homerun leader in Major League Baseball. When he does he will pass a man with all the class in the world, Henry Aaron. Baseball will be the poorer for it. America will be too because the greatest hitter in America's defining sport will be a person whom most people consider to be a cheater. So much for cheaters never prospering.

Where is Kennesaw Mountain Landis when we need him? (Here.) What's good enough for Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose is good enough for Barry Bonds.


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