Sunday, February 01, 2009

Slaves Of Our Chemical And DNA Masters.

Here's a story about a study that correlates high levels of the hormone oestradiol and infidelity in women.
"The researchers found that a woman's oestradiol level was positively associated with self-perceived physical attractiveness. Women with a higher oestradiol level also reported a greater likelihood of flirting, kissing and having a serious affair (but not a one-night stand) with a new partner.

"Oestradiol levels were negatively associated with a woman's satisfaction with her primary partner.

"'Our findings show that highly fertile women are not easily satisfied by their long-term partners and are motivated to seek out more desirable partners,' Durante explained. 'However, that doesn't mean they're more likely to engage in casual sex. Instead, they adopt a strategy of serial monogamy.'" (Here.)
Because, you know, human beings merely serve our chemicals and DNA.


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