Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mars Science Laboratory Display-O-Rama.

NASA plans to launch a nuclear-powered robotic rover to Mars in the year 2011 for landing in 2012. If it goes, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), will be a Mars rover on steroids compared to the two already there. The MSL is big. How big? This big. Sorry, kid, there's no right to privacy in a public place. And it's this much taller than your typical American adult male. Besides its large size, the MSL will have very robust mission capabilities, thanks in no small part to its nuclear power source. Although you wouldn't know it by the signage and educational video accompanying the mock up MSL at the Reuben Fleet Science Center in San Diego. So, here are photos of the mock up MSL's mock up nuke. Top view.
Bottom view.
For more photographs of the mock up of the MSL on display at The Reuben Fleet Science Center, visit my Picasa Web Albums page ( view the Mars Science Lab Fleet folder. (Here.) For more information on the MSL mission visit NASA's webpage. (Here.)


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