Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mac Attacks: The Empire Strikes Back?

Mac users have been pretty much left alone by online viruses. Presumably because Microsoft Windows and PCs dominate the computer world. But the cyberpunk paranoiac in me wonders whether the viral terrorists are a secret band of iCult Mac users out to take down the Microsoft empire.

Now, Macs are being attacked by malware.
"The iServices.A Trojan horse is an attack being distributed via BitTorrent, where it's disguised as a bootleg copy of the new iWork 09. Once installed, the malware takes administrator access and connects to remote servers over the Internet, where it can be given additional instructions as the author commands, from installing additional malware to stealing information off the Mac in question. The malware creator can also take complete remote control of any compromised machine." (Here.)
The Microsoft counter terrorism operation begins?


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