Saturday, April 05, 2008

Obama's Electability?

You've got to wonder how those Democrats who voted for Obama because of his "electability" in the general election are feeling these days. According to NPR, some Clinton-supporting Democrats are so put off by the campaign and by Obama's association with the right Reverend Jeremiah Wright, they are thinking of voting GOP come November. The animosity apparently flows both ways with Obama supporters also upset at the thought of a Clinton candidacy. (Here.)

It's not just the anecdotal evidence offered in the NPR story that suggests the Democrats are going to have a problem holding their base in November. Gallup released a poll recently that quantified the Democrats' disunity. According to that poll, 28 percent of Clinton supporters would vote for McCain if Obama were the Democratic candidate. (Here.) So much for bringing the country together in a "yes, we can" coalition. Obama apparently can't even bring his own party together. Again, the animosity flows both ways with 19 percent of Obama supporters stating they would vote for McCain rather than Clinton.

It's early still but Obama's problem with uniting the party behind his candidacy isn't just reflected in anecdotal stories on NPR or in opinion polls. Hillary's been getting the message from some Democratic corners that she should quit the race because mathematically she can't win enough pledged delegates to win the nomination. Trouble is, it's looking like Obama won't be able to win the nomination with pledged delegates alone either. He'll need superdelegates to put him over the top just like Hillary would. He may want to be a uniter but his party is looking more and more divided.

President McCain anybody?


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