Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nothing A Good Bourbon Won't Cure.

The campaign in California is finally heating up. I've gotten half a dozen robocalls from the McCain and Romney campaigns this weekend. Mostly from Romney's. Interestingly, there was only one attack call and that was from the Romney campaign. The call tried to convince me to vote against McCain because Sean Hannity says McCain is not a conservative. As if I'd let that Fox doofus tell me how to vote.

I had planned to do early voting on Saturday but instead ended up taking a drive to Escondido, a town about half an hour north of San Diego. A great liquor store, the Holiday Wine Cellar, (here) was holding a bottle of Rowan's Creek bourbon for me. (Try it, you'll like it. You'll really, really like it.) I also took a chance on a $35 bottle of small batch bourbon from a distillery called Black Maple Hill.

On the drive home, I ended up listening to a repeat of Hannity's talk show for some reason. He did not sound happy. He seemed to have lost hope in politics. He was counseling his listeners to focus on their personal lives. He sounded like the ending of Voltaire's novel Candide. You know, where the character says we should all just tend our gardens.

What prompted Hannity's despair? McCain's ascendancy, of course. He was going on about McCain not being a conservative and what a disaster it will be for conservatism if McCain is the GOP candidate. Then Hannity admitted that he, himself, is more of a conservative than a Republican, and he said something about registering in the New York Conservative Party. Okay, Sean, if that's really how you feel, then butt out, will you?

I'm telling you, this intra-party squabble has the venom rising within me. Time for a glass of good Kentucky whisky.


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