Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred's Out And About Time.

So Fred Thompson has withdrawn his candidacy. Good. The guy was all the rage among conservatives before he got into the race. Conservatives saw him as their guy in a race where no other Republican candidate is. But he never capitalized on all the buzz and he ran a terrible campaign. His debate performances were incredibly lackluster until South Carolina. He looked corpse-like at times. Even in South Carolina the only life he showed was when he was attacking Mike Huckabee. Big deal. At least Huckabee did something with his political career in Arkansas. What did Thompson really do with his time in the Senate? Not much. The bottom line from my perspective is that Thompson turned out to be a lightweight. Don't think so? Go read his columns he published on Townhall.com before he entered the race. (Here.) Not much of substance there.



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