Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Twosday Election Night.

Good news tonight! John McCain's sweep tonight appears to be putting him over the top and makes him the presumptive Republican nominee. I kind of like Mike Huckabee's inclusive rhetoric but it's time for him to let it go. John McCain is the Republican choice and Huckabee should accept reality.

On the other side the Democratic candidates continue to live in interesting times. Tonight appears to be a good night for Hillary Clinton as she is winning primaries and delegates keeping her campaign alive. The Democratic race for the nomination will not end until the convention and that's when the interesting times will really begin. There are all those disenfranchised voters in Michigan and Florida to contend with. Plus, there will be hundreds of politicians looking for reasons to cast their superdelegate super votes. The Democratic convention is going to be must see television.

Speaking of superdelegates, just what is the deal with CNN? Donna Brazile appears on CNN as a "CNN Contributor." She's a superdelegate. To her great credit, she's very much a straight shooter in her analysis. It's hard to tell which candidate she prefers. I've always had a lot of respect for her. I just don't understand why CNN doesn't identify her as a superdelegate when she is speaking.


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