Monday, September 03, 2007

Loco Parents: Part 2.

The other day Leigh Robbins asked, "How can you overreact when it's your children?" She had overreacted at the presence of Arabic-speaking passengers who turned out to be consultants for the US Marines in the war. (Here.)

Today brings another example of the myriad ways in which America's parents overreact to protect children. San Diegan Anne Greenstone is upset at the new Carl's Jr. television commercial featuring a hot, hot teacher, dancing and gyrating on her desk to a rap tune, "I Like Flat Buns." Greenstone complains that the commercial promotes teacher misbehavior and sex with underage boys. "All to sell a stupid hamburger, as she eloquently puts it." (Here.) Actually, it's a patty melt.

You can see the Carl's Jr's ad on You Tube. (Here.) There is something to be said for flat buns.


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