Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Supporting The Troops But Nothing They Do.

It's a mantra of anti-war leftists that they support the troops even though they don't support what the troops do. The latest example is happening right here in San Diego.

Lefty anti-war groups are opposing Junior ROTC efforts in a local high school. According to Stephanie Jennings, a local peace activist, "'Every student has a right to education and should not be tracked into a war zone,' [and] schools with large minority, low-income student populations tend to be targeted for military recruitment." (Here.)

What's interesting about the main San Diego group opposed to U.S. military action is that it formed in September 2001. (Here.) Hmmmm. I wonder what could have happened in that month?

It's kind of hard to respect a group that formed to oppose U.S. military action just as the country was preparing to fight a defensive war after having been attacked. Actually, for me it's impossible to respect such a group. To some people, apparently, nothing is worth fighting for.


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