Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Birds Of Paradise: Part 12

This hawk is a regular visitor to my backyard, much to the dismay of the flocks of birds that use the five bird feeders set up there. You'll never see a more skittish bunch of finches, sparrows, pigeons, and doves, as those in my backyard. Only the crows and scrub jays seem not to care.

This visit the hawk went away with an empty stomach. Even the frightened little finch hanging on at the bottom of the photo survived. (Click photo to enlarge.) The finch didn't move the entire time the hawk was present. As soon as the hawk left, the finch resumed feeding, and the flocks returned to be hunted another day.


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Very clever image with that little Lesser Goldfinch hanging on for dear life at the bottom of the photo. By now, surely someone has informed you that your Hawk is a Cooper's, Accipiter cooperii. I, too, have one that raids my feeders. My backyard birds bring a lot of joy to my life. You may be interested in seeing my photos of same at To see the birds that I've photographed from my garden, click onto the albums entitled "Scenes from My Garden Vol 1" and/or "Scenes from My Garden Vol 2". Thanks for sharing your photos....Mary
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