Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fred Thompson's Internet Presidential Campaign.

Fred Thompson is running a presidential campaign on the cheap online. He writes a regular column on about political issues of the day. (Here.) The columns get his message out to a lot of likely voters without his spending any money on political advertising. Each column is a fairly short folksy discussion of a specific issue. You could call them Reaganesque and that is probably no accident.

Thompson's latest column is about how Iran's government has long dealt in hostage taking and suffered no real consequence for the tactic. (Here.) It's an interesting column and is right about Iran's criminal government. What it doesn't do is say much about what Thompson would do about Iran's misbehavior. His Iran column is much like his other columns in that respect.

Thompson doesn't go into a lot of depth on any issue in his columns. Instead he says just enough about an issue to convey common sense and a conservative point of view. At this point there's probably no need for him to reveal much more. About all he needs do right now is create the impression among Republican voters that he sees things much the same way they do. His columns certainly do that.

Thompson's decision to write internet columns was a smart political move and has helped to position him as the insurgent conservative messiah. There's no doubt in my mind that he is using the columns to lay the groundwork for a presidential campaign. I wonder what he's planning next.


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