Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Padres Trivia

So tonight's another baseball game at Petco Park. This time against the hated Dodgers. Trevor Hoffman is one away from his 500th career save. Let tonight be the night.

Meanwhile, here's some Padres trivia from my daily baseball trivia calendar. With embellishments.

The Padres and the Houston Astros are the only two teams that have played in their current city since at least 1969 but have never won a World Series. What kind of a stat is that? Anyway, this record needs to be broken. And I'm not talking about the Texas team. Come on Padres! If you don't win the World Series you're just another loser.

Did you know that Ted Williams played for the minor league Padres in the late 1930s? Well, he did. He also missed five years of his major league career when he served as a Marine in WW2 and the Korean War. But now he's dead. And his head and body are both frozen in cold storage in Arizona but separately. (Here.) That's no way to treat a hero, man.

In happier news, Trevor Hoffman holds seven of the top eight single-season save totals in Padres history. Mark Davis has the other one, with 44 saves in 1999. Good for him. But what about nine and ten? Why only eight? Why not 10? Are humans suddenly no longer a base 10 species?

Tony Gwynn played 2,440 games for the Padres, which is more than the combined totals of the second and third place players, Garry Templeton and Dave Winfield. That's why they call Tony, Mr. Padre. It is why, isn't it? Well, that and he was so good, and so darn nice to boot.

Andy Benes is the only pitcher to strike out more than 1,000 batters in his Padres career. How many more? 36 more! Hear that Jake Peavy with your 942 strikeouts so far? Andy Benes has 94 more strikeouts than you. What are you going to do about it?

Trevor Hoffman's career 2.70 ERA is the best in Padres history. Greg Harris is second at 2.95. No comment. I got nothin'.

Not to be outdone, Andy Ashby led the Padres in ERA in four different seasons: 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999. Still nothin'.

In batting news, Nate Colbert has more homeruns than any other Padre. How many does he have? 163. And Nate hit his homeruns when Qualcomm still had those 17 foot high walls and you didn't hear him complaining. Who's next? The big whiner, Phil Nevin, at 156. Among active Padres? Brian Giles is at 57 and holding. Khalil Greene has 54 and keeps adding on. 54! Imagine that. That kid is a slugger. But watch out. Adrian Gonzalez already has 36 in half as many games and is hitting homeruns at the about the same pace that Colbert did. Yo, Adrian! Go!


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