Sunday, September 03, 2006

Space Property RIghts.

This article (here) is a very good discussion on the issues regarding private property rights in space. It's remarkably well-informed on the issue, which is evident by the article's discussion of sea-bed mining as a model for future space exploitation and property rights in space.

The article is a bit too charitable to the Lunar Embassy's bogus sales of Lunar real estate. The Lunar Embassy's land sales may demonstrate there is a market for owning property in space. On the negative side the so-called land sales make the idea of private property in space seem like a joke in media reporting and, frankly, the sales are a scam.

Also, judging by the comments of Planetary Society's President Lou Freedman, he's not exactly an advocate of space commercialization. That could explain why he thinks the Planetary SOciety's so-called Save Our Science campaign to have NASA continue doing the Same Old Stuff in space is such a great idea.


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