Thursday, August 24, 2006

Naming Dwarf Planets

Apparently the next controversy created by the new definition of planet is how to name all the new dwarf planets waiting to be discovered in the Kuiper Belt. (Here.) In keeping with the new category of dwarf, let's name them after Snow White's companions. Since there are only seven dwarfs but lots of dwarf planets we'll have to use translations of the names. For example, we can start with the seven English names, and then the next seven could be named in Russian, then Chinese, then Japanese, and so on.

In honor of the IAU's new definition, Dopey can be the first name.

Another option is Baskin Robbins' flavors of ice cream. The company has 51 permanent flavors listed on their website (here) and claims to have over 1,000 flavors overall. Rocky Road, anyone?



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