Sunday, August 20, 2006

Historic Times In Human Space Travel.

NASA's choice of SpaceX as a COTS finalist is a good sign. (Here.) SpaceX is a serious venture run by a serious man, Elon Musk, with a history of achievement. He's also a man with grand ambitions. (Here.)

At the same time that NASA is pushing COTS forward, another deep pocket, Virgin Galactic, is moving forward with their plans to fly paying passengers into space. Burt Rutan is building a fleet of spaceships in Mojave, California, and Robert Bigelow's spacestation is moving closer to reality.

These are good times for spacers.



Yep, ya damn right. And don't forget the earlier achievements of Dennis Tito's tourist flight, the winning of the X-Prize, and Bigelow's launch of a one-third model space station.

Imagine this: The COTS winners could also supply the Bigelow stations.
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