Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Part Of A Great Tradition.

The rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights are not the greatest gifts the Founding Fathers bequeathed us when they wrote the Constitution. Instead the greatest accomplishment of the Founding Fathers was writing into our Constitution a system for peacefully transferring political power through regularly scheduled elections. Since its founding the United States has lived up to that constitutional mandate and never missed an election. Tonight America continued that great tradition and elected a new President. A new President whose policies run 180 degrees in the opposite direction from those of the current President. Despite those political differences the outgoing Administration has been working on the Presidential transition for almost a month. (Here & here.) Come January of 2009, political power will pass to Barack Obama from George W. Bush. Obama was not my candidate but he will be my President.


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Well put, tdr. And so true. It's a truly amazing feat, when you think about it, isn't it? There really are precious few nations that can make the same claim.
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