Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote Cancellation Guide.

You may have heard that there's an election Tuesday. Here's a voter's guide for cancelling my vote. My choices and why.

Elective Offices.

President --- John McCain: the devil we know. Barack Obama is the biggest phony to run for office in my lifetime. Okay, John Edwards ran twice. Point taken.

San Diego City Attorney -- Jan Goldsmith: an attorney for a change. Four years of the Wrath of Aguirre is four years too many. San Diego doesn't need more than one mayor at a time.

California Propositions.

No on 1A because high speed rail is a boondoggle. High speed rail for California is an idea whose time has not come. It's touted as a way to reduce pollution, traffic, and use of oil. A more effective use of state money would be to expand existing rail lines to take on more freight. Freight trucks waste fuel and pollute more than cars. America's cargo should ride on trains not on trucks.

Yes on 2 because we should treat farm animals humanely before we kill 'em and eat 'em. This initiative requires farmers to give livestock more room to move around.

Yes on 4 because parents should be told when their children seek a major medical operation. This initiative requires parental notification, not consent, before a minor has an abortion.

No on 5 because California can't afford more voter-mandated spending. This initiative limits the authority of criminal courts to punish drug offenders and expands California's existing drug treatment alternative. The proposition requires minimum spending on drug programs. California can barely pass a budget every year. Part of the problem is automatic spending mandated by voter-approved initiatives, like this one.

No on 6 because California can't afford more voter-mandated spending. This initiative increases spending on law enforcement and mandates a minimum amount every year. California doesn't need more automatic-pilot spending programs.

Yes on 7 because government-run utilities should follow the same rules as privately-owned utilities. Among other things, this initiative requires government power companies to use renewable energy the same as private utilities. If California is going to mandate renewable energy, it should do so fairly.

Yes on 8 because kids deserve a mom and a dad. This initiative restores the historical definition of marriage as a heterosexual institution. Marriage exists so that, in most circumstances, a child's family will include the biological mother and father. No child born into a same-sex marriage will ever grow up with both the biological mother and father.

No on 9 because California's criminal laws are harsh enough and our prisons are already overcrowded. This initiative is a grab bag of increased criminal penalties.

Yes on 10 because dirty and wasteful diesel trucks should get off the road. This initiative authorizes bonds to fund alternative energy power plants and rebates for purchases of alternative fuel cars, consumer trucks, and most important, large freight trucks.

Yes on 11 because voters should pick their legislators not the other way around. This initiatve takes redistricting away from the legislature and puts it in the hands of a new commission staffed by citizens.


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I really hope Goldsmith can take this election! I think it's time for a change. We should not here about our city attorney in the news as much as we do and we need someone that has a little cooler head and knows how to handle situations better. I think that the Chargers issue is something that we should be concerned with. Even though the market and local economy is tough for EVERYONE we should make some sort of effort to keep an NFL team in this County. It's a very large source of revenue and helps the local economy. I live in the Ballpark district and many people remember all of the opposition to "Prop C" and look at all of the additional revenue it is bringing to the city. I live in 1 of about 15 new buildings in this area. Take $600/month X an average of about 150 units per building and you have a lot of money going to the city every month in revenue. You could take a economic nightmare with Qualcomm stadium and turn it into a very positive cash flowing opportunity for everyone including the city.
You don't have to be an economics major to realize this.
Hey! I only canceled about half of your votes! I guess we don't COMPLETELY disagree politically after all. ;)
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