Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who Needs Margaret Thatcher?

America was introduced to its own Iron Lady tonight in Sarah Palin. She is one dynamic speaker. (Speech text here.) I am so looking forward to watching her campaign, and hopefully, her Vice-Presidency and, eventually, her Presidency. What a tough gal.


Republished once to add speech text link.

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You too? I am just excited to hear this woman speak!

Forget McCain and Obama! I'm voting for Palin (or McCain this year so she can be Prez later on). :-)

I like McCain. I really like his pick. Looking forward to election day and casting my vote.
You are seriously comparing this nit-wit to Margaret Thatcher? She is the same kind of inexperienced moron that W was before he was elected, and look what a disaster he has been. Thanks for the Failure to win in Afghanistan, $4.00 gas, and economic meltdown George! Good thing we are safe from those gay marriages, eh?
Whatever, my friend. There's more to her than you credit. I like her for the same reason I came to respect Hillary Clinton as the Dim's primary campaign wore on. She's got cojones. Can't you hear them clangin'?
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