Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life In The Suburbs.

This lizard has been living among the plants along the front of my house. I destroyed its habitat by removing all the plants in preparation for replacing them with California natives. I'm hoping it finds someplace to hang out until the new plants go in. It's welcome to stay.

And this squirrel has taken up residence in the gap between my fence and my neighbor's fence. The possum used to live there but he hasn't been back for a while now.
These parrots came by today.
There are four of them. Not sure if I want to encourage them because of the noise. But they are beautiful creatures nonetheless.
Finally, this Cooper's Hawk has been hanging out a lot lately. It seems to be a juvenile. I haven't seen it catch anything yet, but I don't think it would keep hanging out here if it hadn't. By the way, it does have two legs. It's just resting one.
Who says there's no life in the suburbs?


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