Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Birds Of Paradise: Part 16.

San Diego's fires created half a million temporary refugees when they were burning out of control. Most people have returned to their homes and the routines of their lives. Some lives remain disrupted. This Great Blue Heron perched on my neighbor's roof is one whose life is upended. (Click image to view.) This kind of bird has never before come this far into the city to visit my neighborhood. The destruction of its habitat by the fires clearly has caused it to roam far beyond its home territory in search of food or shelter. Here it is flying away. (Click image to view.) She's welcome to return to the shelter of my backyard any time she wants.*


* The sexes of herons are outwardly alike. This could be a male. But there's something about the grace of this bird that says female to me.

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You wouldn't welcome it if you had a fish pond...
Good one, Rand.
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