Wednesday, March 08, 2006

That Is One Giant Orbiter Approaching Mars.

In May 2005 we went to the open house at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and snapped this photo of a one-half size model of the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter. (Here.) That is one big robotic orbiter.

The Fourth Millenium website has posted an illustration that shows how much bigger the MRO is than its sibling satellites already orbiting Mars. (Here.)

You can learn more about the MRO by browsing JPL's webpage (here) and reading their PDF fact sheet for the press (here).

The MRO will be approaching Mars in two days and NASA TV will be covering it live. (Here.) Upcoming events include an MRO Pre-arrival news briefing at 9 am Pacific on March 10th. The big show, Mars Orbit Insertion, will happen from 1:30 to 2:45 pm Pacific time later the same day.

Let's wish the big guy luck on his arrival at Mars. And here's hoping for lots of clear bandwidth on the 10th.


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