Monday, January 09, 2006

SpaceX To Try Again February 8, 2006.

SpaceX will try to launch their Falcon 1 vehicle again on February 8, 2006, according to this update on the company's website. (Here.) Bottom line on the delay last month was the failure of an electronic component in the first stage. SpaceX decided to swap out the entire first stage, which is expected to be delivered to the launch site within a week. SpaceX will do testing during January before launching in February. Check the update for all the details and a nice picture of Falcon on the launch pad.

We're rooting for them to succeed.


I'm starting to wonder if SpaceX should take a page out of the SpaceShipOne playbook. Mojave didn't announce their test flights beforehand, on the (excellent) principle that bad press (and dashed expectations) can be avoided and good press can always come afterwards.

I'l personally be happy to see "Falcon launches!" whenever it happens, whether there's a string of on-again-off-again articles before that.
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