Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Space Launch Revolution Continues.

SpaceX plans to launch their Falcon rocket on Monday, December 20th, at 11 AM, California time. SpaceX is the space company founded by PayPal's Elon Musk to develop an inexpensive family of launch vehicles. Monday they will launch a satellite for DARPA and the Air Force into an orbit just a bit farther out than the space station. For more information about SpaceX go to their website here, and to their press release here for more about the launch. Our fingers are crossed for a successful launch.

The photo below of the Falcon at the Marshall Islands launch facility was released by SapceX. It's an understated image. Most of the images of SpaceShipOne seemed similarly understated. The most revolutionary things happening in the private space race look rather ordinary, which is fitting since the goal of this new race is to make space travel as common one day as air travel is today. Would that it were today.


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