Sunday, November 13, 2005

How Much Is That Bloggie In The Window?

On a lark we decided to calculate the financial value of this blog. At this "business opportunities" site we found through (here) we entered our site's URL in the handy calculator provided there and got the answer we expected. Tales of the Heliosphere is worth nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Or to be precise, $0.00. Presumably that sum is the same in any currency.

Blogging is a hobby and we seek no financial reward for it. At least not yet. If we wanted money for it we'd put as much time into it as we put into our job, which, for the record, in case our boss has found this site, is a lot. Hours and hours of time is spent on our job, which pays us handsomely, and for which we are grateful. As are our cats, our friends, our family, our creditors, and all the contractors being paid to upgrade our home this year.

If we ever leave our job, which we hope does not happen anytime soon. (For the record, in case our boss -- well, you know.) We have no intention of quitting the day job and there is no reason why we should be told to leave involuntarily. (For the record. Just in case our boss has found this site. You know. Just in case. And please note, boss. This post is written on a Sunday. Granted, it's on an office computer because we've got something due tomorrow. For the record, we'll get right on that.)

So why blog? For personal satisfaction, mostly. Readers are nice and we love them. We also love those who link to our site and we try our best to reciprocate. But the biggest thrill from blogging is finding an idea or coming up with one, researching it, thinking about it, writing it up, and then seeing it in print. It satisfies a creative urge that otherwise might not be fulfilled. There's a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes from pushing that "Publish Post" button.

The trick of course is to have something worth saying that adds value to the discussion of an issue or to a reader's knowledge. That's the hard part of doing a worthwhile blog. All we can say to that is, "we're workin' on it, okay!"


"we're workin' on it, okay!"

Workin' on it, nothin'. You're doing it already. That's why I'm
still reading your RSS feed.

To heck with what Technorati thinks. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the encouragement, Chris.

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