Sunday, October 02, 2005

Serenity Box Office Takes Second Place.

The numbers are here. Serenity took second place over the weekend losing by $5 million to Jodie Foster's Flightplan and defeating Tim Burton's Corpse Bride by $300,000.

Joss Whedon's scifi fanatics no doubt tipped the scale for Serenity. The tell will be in how the movie does next weekend. There are several positive reviews by bloggers who had never seen Firefly that suggest the movie might have legs. Read the reviews here, here, here, here, and here if you're a fan. It might bring back your own fond memories of first discovering Firefly and it's nice to have your own tastes ratified by others.

I've never seen a single movie written about by so many bloggers, especially bloggers who don't typically do reviews. Powerline, for instance. It's pretty obvious that the movie studio sent out screening invitations to the bloggers because they realized the internet is a powerful marketing tool and that bloggers are opinion shapers in today's media. It was a successful strategy because the bloggers came through with reviews and the reviews have been pretty positive. Probably one way to tell the big fish blogs from the little ones are whether an invitation came to attend the Serenity screening. Sadly, this blog is still a little fish.


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