Monday, September 05, 2005

Tourism Opportunity At Valles Marineris

Mars has a grand canyon that is as long as the United States is wide and about 4 miles deep, Valles Marineris. (Webpage here.) Now that's a "grand" canyon.

Here on Earth somebody has proposed building a glass-bottomed walk jutting out from the rim of Arizona's Grand Canyon. (Story and artist's rendering are here.) The view down is about 4,000 feet, less than a mile.

Imagine something similar at Valles Marineris with its 4 mile drop. Bring your camera and a telephoto lens!



That's a great idea. I'd imagine that Marineris is going to be destination #1 for any tourist to Mars, and the first thing they'll want to do is go out to the edge.

Gravity 1/3 of Earth's will make building such a thing much easier, too. Or perhaps it'll just be a lot longer...
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