Monday, July 18, 2005

War Of The Worlds Nonsense

As a science fiction movie fan and a fan of the classic movie, War of the Worlds, I've been looking forward to seeing Steven Spielberg's new version of the movie. Now after just reading this story in USA Weekend from a month ago (here), I'm not so sure.

"After 9/11," Spielberg says, "'War of the Worlds' is [again] a reflection on how scared we are. This movie turns American families into refugees; it's something America has never experienced."

Okay. No problem there. But then there's this quote from the movie's writer, David Koepp.
"You can read our movie several ways," says screenwriter David Koepp. "It could be straight 9/11 paranoia. Or it could be about how U.S. military interventionism abroad is doomed by insurgency, just the way an alien invasion might be."

So there it is. Despite the cute weasel word "could" it's clear that this movie was intended by the writer to be an allegory attacking the US liberation of Iraq. And not just the Iraqi war, but "9/11 paranoia." In other words, the American people are overreacting to the 9/11 attacks. There's no real threat from terrorism. The threat is all in our paranoid minds.

What smug nonsense.


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