Friday, January 09, 2009

Mars Society Renaissance.

The Mars Society has long taken the view that membership is its own benefit. That attitude appears to be changing. The society seems to have a new focus on improving member relations and benefits. For instance, the Mars Society has just begun publishing a new quarterly magazine for members. The first edition is available to all for free at the Mars Society's website. (PDF here.) Maybe it's time to renew.

One huge benefit of Mars Society membership has always been the opportunity to volunteer in research projects. The Mars Society runs two research sites in Utah and the Arctic Circle. Each site is home to a mock Mars base where volunteers can do simulated Mars research. That's me at the Utah site outside Hanksville a few years ago.

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The Mars Society has wonderful goals, but regrettably the founder has made it difficult to move the group forward. He is in essence a general who loves having troops/followers, but is afraid to let those troops do anything significant unless his name -- not necessarily the Mars Society's name -- is splashed all over it. I too was once a member, but I believe there are now other groups that are more meaningful and cooperative with additional organizations with the same or similar goals.
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