Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Proof That God Exists And Loves Us: Part 3.

Today's good news is for people who have trouble keeping up with flossing. Try some vino instead. A Chianti perhaps? A recent Italian study "showed that red and white wine were effective in controlling the growth of several strains of streptococci bacteria that are involved in tooth decay, and some cases of sore throat." (Here.)

Okay, in my wine-besotted joy, I may have jumped the gun on this one. The story at isn't quite clear on the process but the initial testing apparently was conducted in laboratory conditions. Wine bottles dripping into petri dishes filled with streptococci? At any rate, testing on humans goes on. So don't throw away your floss and toothbrushes yet.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to hedge your bets and drink some wine regardless. I wager Blaise Pascal would. (Here.) What have you got to lose? If you live your life drinking wine as if it helps fight tooth decay, and it does, your health will benefit. If it doesn't, you'll have lost nothing and enjoyed some good wine in the process. But if you live your life a teetotaler as if drinking wine doesn't help fight tooth decay, and it does, your teeth may fall out and you'll be condemned to a life of eternal tapioca. If it doesn't, you'll have missed out on the joys of drinking wine. Either way, you win if you drink wine and you lose if you don't. Wouldn't you rather be a winner?


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