Monday, October 23, 2006

White Sands Missile Base Near Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The White Sands missile base is about 20 minutes from Las Cruces, New Mexico on Highway 70. (The picture at left is taken from a nearby rest stop.) The base is at the end of a road a few miles off the highway.

The public is allowed to enter the base and visit a museum and field display of every missile system ever tested at White Sands. We drove to the base after the X-Prize Cup on Saturday. The musuem was closed but we were able to roam the missile display. (View photos in the "White Sands Missile Range" folder at
NASA has a test center a few miles closer to Las Cruces along the same highway. The facility is at the end of NASA Road. In contrast to White Sands, visitors aren't welcome at the NASA facility. So don't bother trying to drive it unless you're authorized. A warning sign on the road tells drivers to turn around right off the freeway exit.


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