Saturday, February 04, 2006

NASA's Funding Amid Domestic Cost-Cutting, War, and Disaster Relief.

Media articles speculating on the 2007 federal budget are starting to appear. This Associated Press article (here) states that domestic programs will be held at current spending levels or reduced. Increases are recommended for defense and Hurricane Katrina reconstruction.

How will NASA fare in this?

According to these two stories on (here and here) NASA spending is due to increase by a modest 1 percent. The Shuttle's allies in Congress have used their influence to ensure sufficient funding to use the shuttle to finish building the International Space Station. NASA's human space exploration budget is expected to receive a substantial increase in the proposed budget. The budget decisions appear to mean that, despite the President's failure to talk much about his space exploration vision, he remains committed to funding the flights needed to finish the ISS as well as the human space exploration program.

The devils in the details are likely to be revealed during Monday's NASA budget press conference on February 6th.



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